Felt Table Runner

Graf Lantz

    A new old kind of tabletop beauty. A home for crab claws. A stage for schnitzel. A place for long plates to finally feel ok being in public. Roll it out for honored guests, foreign dignitaries, and discerning in-laws. These runners are made of merino wool, a show-stopping material that’s naturally water resistant, stain resistant and heat protective.
    Made in Los Angeles, California.
  • Dimensions: 36" length x 12" width, 3mm thickness
    Color: Available in Charcoal or Granite
    Material: Merino wool felt
  • The merino wool does not take color easily and most stains can be removed with a light soak and an absorbent towel. More specific care instructions provided here: https://graf-lantz.com/pages/cleaning-and-care

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