These beautiful handmade scarves are the product of timeless craftsmanship blended together with high quality Indian textiles. The sensible scarves of Deivi are made from the finest cotton, wool, silk, and cashmere. Artisans use traditional Indian textile techniques of hand dyeing, block printing, and weaving in their production process.

Textile designer Hemangini Singh, founder of Deivi, facilitates the growth of ancient craft traditions into modernized elements of function and style. Hemangini collaborates with artisans to develop sustainable products that are globally conscious. Deivi is founded in the belief that the revitalization of handmade goods helps to preserve cultural identity by keeping traditions alive.

Profits of Deivi are reinvested into artisans and their local communities. Deivi plans to build craft training centers throughout India to help women further develop artisan skills and achieve economic empowerment.