Casual textiles that are purposefully created for practical use in everyday life. The all-natural fiber products of Graymarket incorporate modern designs with the centuries old craft of block printing. Hand-drawn designs are sent to artisans in Jaipur, India to be block printed in small batches. The artisans use their own interpretations of the drawings to bring designs to life. Pieces have intentional details that are added as the products are passed through the hands of artisans. Graymarket currently supports 20 artisans in Jaipur.

Hallie Gray discovered the intricacy of hand-crafted textiles while traveling throughout India. Following her discovery, she went on to establish Graymarket in 2013. Hallie is inspired by rich color stories that are grounded in neutral bases. Hallie’s husband, Matt Goodwin, handles all photo and video, web design and marketing. Graymarket hopes to grow and further support their artisans in India by establishing a rural space for them to live and work in together, with their families.