Handmade and poured into tin cans, vintage mugs and retro glasses, these artisan soy candles are sustainable from start to finish. Collections of assorted recycled and repurposed containers are used as unique holders. The scents of Milton and Margie’s evoke feelings of nature and can transport a space through nostalgic fragrances. All scents are handmade and are original to Milton and Margie’s. Candles are made from 100% soy wax, supporting U.S. farmers.

In the mid 2000s, Jess Snively started to experiment with candles in her small Minneapolis apartment. Her passion for thrifting collided with her new obsession of candle making, creating sustainable home décor. Jess admits that when most people meet her they assume her name is Margie, but Milton and Margie are actually her cats. Milton and Margie’s is now based in Chicago, where intention is to further grow and continue to support the handmade community that values shopping local.