To disrupt and transform the consumer goods industry by providing an authentic connection between the customer and the maker. Through our thoughtfully-curated marketplace of high quality, distinct handmade goods, we create a personal experience and share the stories behind each item we sell, as we strive to bring integrity back to shopping.

Connecting consumers to makers by bringing out the
heart and soul behind handmade goods.


You won’t find everything on our site, and that’s just fine. While we have plans to slowly curate a shop where you can find most things, it’s important that we stay picky and only curate collections that we truly believe in.

We have a responsibility to both our customers and our partners. Our product is produced responsibly, without compromising design, quality, and value. By maintaining transparent and sustainable relationships, our hope is that we can work and grow together as a community.

We carefully choose products that are useful and well made. It’s important to us that the goods we source live a long and purposeful life within your home.

Our passion for exploration has led us around the world to find goods from vastly different places and cultures. We strive to build a platform that represents a global community of makers, connecting consumers to where their goods come from.


Building sustainable partnerships with makers and
personalized relationships with our customers.