One-of-a-kind stationery and paper goods that have been brought to life through in-studio hand painting, dip dye, letterpress, and binding. Each Moglea piece is given precise attention, and every piece is intended to be a work of art that must be shared. Cards are dipped, one at a time, into custom blends of pigment and organic dyes. Each product is finished on an antique press where it is foil stamped, printed or die cut using traditional letterpress printing. The jubilant use of color and unexpected patterns create a stimulating product line that feels fresh and original.
Moglea is the Iowa based operation of Chad and Meg Gleason. Together, Chad and Meg are deeply inspired by their rural Iowa surroundings and the farm where they reside with their two children. Founded in 2012, the studio currently employs 8 full-time employees and 6 part-time employees. Chad and Meg believe that every good or bad experience has helped provide them with a new perspective. Moglea would like to expand their product line through the addition of furniture and home accessories.