Behind every candle there is a story about an opportunity for a brighter future. Prosperity Candle is a social enterprise that supports women refugees and artisans through candle-making. Every candle is handpoured using the highest quality waxes, natural cotton and wood wicks, along with premium fragrances made with essential oils -never any dyes or enhancers.

Prosperity Candle was established in 2009 when three individuals came together and decided that they would find a way to do more in contribution to the common good. There were initially some bumps in the journey of figuring out how they could create sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities for women to escape poverty. Then there came a day when it was asked, “what about candles?”

Your candle-maker is a woman fleeing persecution, a war widow, or a mother escaping poverty, her strength and resilience has led her to Prosperity Candle. As Prosperity Candle grows they continue to expand their work, with impact at the center of every decision that is made.