Classic techniques of weaving, ceramics, and woodworking come together in this handmade process to create new forms of modern, attainable art. Owner and designer Mary Hamby describes her desire to weave as a natural connection between her brain and her hands. It was in those first few moments of weaving that she realized her passion to design with fibers.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina - Twenty Two West uses their art to connect with other craftspeople for sourcing handspun, naturally dyed fibers, sustainably sourced wood, and community driven ceramics. Designs use inspiring color and pleasing aesthetics that are never the same, each one having a unique personality that comes to life as it is created. A background in interior design gave Mary the foundational knowledge to work with color and texture to find the rhythm of her designs. Her lifelong appreciation for crafting and creativity is evident in every piece.

Twenty Two West is answering the desire for strongly designed character pieces, meant for everyday personal use.