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Kazi 10" Tierra Striped Hot Pad

Abstract nod from nature brought indoors for decorating and heat-resistant serving.Pretty enough to earn a designated place on your kitchen wall, yet strong enough to take the heat at your next dinner gathering.

Naturally suited for the kitchen but pretty enough to serve as a festive stage for plants or presented as a perfect hostess gift.

  • 10” Diameter
  • Material: Sisal + sweetgrass
  • Organic dyes are used to dye the sisal
  • Each trivet has a hand-stitched loop on the back for quick hanging
  • Heat resistant, great for protecting tables and countertops
  • Handmade in  Rwanda

Made of the highest quality natural fibers in an ethical, fair trade environment. Sisal is wound stitch by stitch around a small sweetgrass bundle. Handwoven by a woman in remote regions of Rwanda.

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