Cayenne Salt


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    Heat-wise, the cayenne salt is mild in spiciness. It's salty (as you might imagine), and we recommend using it like you would salt: keep it on the dining table to add it to your meal as needed; sprinkle it on top of avocado, cucumbers, firm mangoes; it's great with potatoes, with pasta, on meat; Even on toast with greek yogurt and olive oil.
    Because the salt has been blended with fresh cayenne peppers the flavors are infused throughout (this is not a mix of dried cayenne and salt). There are flakes of cayenne in the salt, and the jar it's packaged in is wide enough to pinch salt directly out of.

    And the salt is solar-evaporated right here in the San Francisco Bay! The SF Bay is particularly well-suited for sea salt evaporation thanks to its dry summers, steady breeze, and clay soil.
    The red color is a result of the high-salinity tolerating Dunaliella algae. Salt ponds in the San Francisco Bay date back to 1854. More recently (2003) most of the salt ponds were sold to state, federal, and nonprofit groups who are in the process of restoring them back to wetlands.

    Made in Emeryville, California, USA.

  • Size: net weight 3.25 oz

    Ingredients: sea salt (solar-evaporated in the San Francisco Bay), fresh organic cayenne peppers (grown in Santa Rosa, California)

Category: Food, USA

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