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Estate Blend Coffee

    The number of coffee claims make it virtually impossible to know the truth behind the coffee you’re drinking. This is why Twin Engine Coffee is pioneering a shift.
    Twin Engine Coffee grows, selects, roasts, and packages right at the source, harnessing quality, traceability, and specialty coffee’s unmatched power to stop poverty. Their model keeps the maximum possible resources at the source: 400% more than Fair Trade Coffee Industry standards.
    You can now feel great about the coffee you’re drinking & the opportunities you are creating.

    Heritage heirloom varietals, cultivated for generations. Nicaraguan caturra and bourbon varieties offer phenomenal body and beautiful complexity with a range of sensations. The Estate Blend exhibits what is great about Nicaraguan coffee.
    Single-Origin Organic Caturra from Jinotega, Nicaragua.
  • Size: 14 oz [approx. 30 cups)
    Available ground or whole bean.

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