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Quince Jam

  • INNA
    Quince is a little-known historic fruit (from the Roman-era!) that's related to pears and apples, is crazy hard, and has to be cooked (you can't really eat it raw). And, it's amazing. It's voluptuous and carries the most intense and alluring floral aromas that fill up the room (and waft down the block!). Slow cooking turns the white fruit into a luscious vermilion color and concentrate the flavors, making a stunningly unique QUINCE jam that tastes like hyper-pears and floral honey.
    This quince jam is bright and spreadable and pairs perfectly with salty hard cheese like a Spanish manchego. Also great with pork, chicken, or a turkey sandwich! For dessert, try a layer of it in apple pies/tarts to add a layer of complexity.

    Made in Emeryville, California, USA.

  • Size: net weight 10 oz

    Ingredients: quince (grown sustainably in Portola Valley, California), organic unrefined cane sugar, water, organic apple cider vinegar

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