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Mama Moon Boutique Wool Dryer Ball Set

These handmade, eco-friendly dryer balls are made of high-quality all natural wool. Safe to use, these dryer balls soften and fluff clothing, towels, sheets, blankets, jackets and more! Great for fluffing down items as well. Dryer balls keep heavy items such as jeans, blankets, sheets, and more from getting balled up and help to dry clothes more evenly.

  • 100% New Zealand Wool
  • Pack of 3


  • Help improve air flow in the dryer which shortens dry time. Shorter drying times means a reduced power utility bill (use 3 balls for small/med load, 5-6 for large).
  • Each ball is reusable and lasts 1,000 or more loads (typically 2-4 years), which makes them an eco-friendly alternative to wasteful dryer sheets.
  • Softens laundry naturally and helps to prolong the life of your clothes.
  • Great for babies and people who have sensitive skin. Each ball is all-natural, hypoallergenic and contains no fillers, chemicals or synthetics.
  • Help to prevent static cling.