Zero Ear Jacket


    The best of both worlds, ear jacket earrings combine the simplicity of a stud and the drama of a drop earring. These "Zeros" are an easy way to add a little something extra. They feature an open circle ear jacket, which is complimented by a ball stud. Wear them with or without the ear jacket, or use the ear jacket on any stud you have!

    Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • Measurements: 5/8" ear jacket diameter, 1/16" wide stud
    Material: Gold-plated jackets and studs
    Color: Gold
  • Over time jewelry can tarnish/oxidize due to the reaction of the metal with elements in the air and water, as well as oils in our skin. It's best to avoid exposing your jewelry to humidity (showers, baths, hot tubs, etc), hair spray and perfume. To get a brighter shine, tarnish can usually be removed with a jewelry cloth or simply use toothpaste and a cloth and buff your piece.

Category: Earrings, Gold, Jacket, USA

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