Merino wool felt and leather hides that are designed to form a timeless collection of handbags, accessories, and homeware items. SoCal design elements are incorporated with an aura of traditional Japanese and German style, creating pieces that are built to last and age with grace. Rooted in sustainable operations, Graf Lantz only uses top-quality pure German merino wool felt, a textile that is biodegradable and renewable. For leather products, vegetable tanning is used whenever possible, a process that is free of chemicals.
Based in Los Angeles, founders Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz set out to reintroduce one of the world’s oldest fabrics in new and unexpected forms. Operating from the philosophy that true sustainability begins with the choices we make every day, Graf Lantz is vigilant in wasting as little as possible by ensuring every scrap is utilized. To Graf Lantz, quality means incorporating everything from where a material is sourced and how it’s made, to how we treat the people whose art and passion create the finalized product.