Apparel and accessories specifically created to help break the cycle of poverty. Krochet Kids International is a contemporary lifestyle brand that wants to bring human stories back to the forefront of purchasing decisions. Products are made in Uganda and Peru, and with every purchase the customer is given an opportunity to connect with the maker who created their product.

It all began when Kohl Crecelius, Stewart Ramsey, and Travis Hartanov took a trip to Northern Uganda in 2007. Recognizing the challenges in long-term aid, they were faced with a choice of what to do. Krochet Kids was founded to provide a more sustainable solution to poverty alleviation, but job creation is only one element of Krochet Kids. Through a partnership with the non-profit Capable, education, mentorship, and financial services are provided to equip employees in all areas of their lives. Krochet Kids currently employs over 200 individuals, and they hope to help build a future where shoppers consider the impact their purchases have on the people who made them.