Spread throughout the rural highlands of Guatemala, the products of Mercado Global are produced using the timeless tradition of weaving. With the utmost precision and detail, the process has been passed through generations of indigenous women. A respect for this ancient craft is fostered from seeing the intricate detail of the women’s fingers design pieces line by line, without hesitation or doubt.  

Mercado Global was established in 2004 to allow indigenous women artisans to participate in a socially responsible business model. Mercado works to address the causes of cyclical poverty by providing women the education, tools and access to an international market. The income earned by these artisans is reinvested into their communities and children’s futures.

Products of Mercado are built with vibrant colors, intentional detail and the utmost respect for an honored Mayan tradition. To this date, Mercado Global has impacted the lives of over 400 women throughout more than 40 communities in the rural highlands.