No two bars of soap are exactly the same, just like snowflakes or fingerprints. Thumbprint soap was born from a desire to use fewer toxic ingredients in day-to-day routines. All products are free of phthalates, parabens and detergents; and palm oil is avoided as much as possible.

Founder Katie Hamre began Thumbprint Soap out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2013. She started off buying handmade soaps and was inspired by how beautiful the soap could be. A local farmer who knew the soap making process gave Katie a tutorial that helped her to dive into learning to make her own soap. Katie reformulated the process, encouraged by positive feedback, until she had created a product that she loved using every day.

Thumbprint Soap has expanded beyond soaps to include other bath and beauty products, including a line for men, but Katie says that making soap is still her favorite part. She happily donates a portion of sales to animal shelters. Dogs are a source of joy in her life, and she finds it important to give back to those who don’t have a family yet.