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Itza Wood

Founded by Suzanne Babarczy and her daughter Eliza, Itza Wood is a social venture in San Andres,  Petén handcrafting quality furnishing and wood wares out of sustainable and locally sourced tropical woods. Each piece is a unique expression of the Guatemalan jungle and a testament to the beauty and biodiversity of  Petén. Tropical woods are enduring and will last a lifetime - they aim for each piece to transmit this quality.

Their story is closely entwined with their social efforts and initiatives: preserving the beauty of the  Petén while empowering the Guatemalan people. They put people and the planet first, providing craftsmen with favorable work environments and wages. Every Itza Wood piece is crafted and sold with the intention of creating further jobs and education in Guatemala, while also investing in conservation of the Petén region. Caring always for the environment and the lives of those involved, they aim to break the cycle of poverty and usher healthy development for the remote communities of  Petén . Itza Wood is partnered with San Andres schools and supports local education through their contributions. And their commitment to protect the jungle drives the company to actively reforest and purchase FSC certified woods, respecting the natural resources and their beauty.