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Mi eelo

Mi eelo is a women-led social impact business based in the community surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump. Committed to reducing environmental impact by using recycled materials, all of their products are influenced by their vision for the future: minimizing waste and prioritizing the dignity of people. All profits of their sales are donated to Creamos, an organization creating opportunities for women living in the communities surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage Dump through an inclusive approach to lifelong financial, emotional and physical stability. Mi eelo - pronounced me eelo - means my thread, which represents the unity of their team and community.

They believe that creativity is fostered through collective consciousness and collaboration. Each part of their process - from design through production - they do together. The sum of their shared talent and dedication is the foundation of the Mi eelo brand.

Their products are a reflection of overcoming obstacles and committing to constant evolution. Their team has grown into masters of sewing, screen printing, and constructing beautiful products out of recycled materials since they first began to make paper beads in 2008. Mi eelo sources all of its fabric from The New Denim Project, a textile brand in Guatemala that is committed to creating textiles that are all 100% natural and compostable. All the fabric is derived from post-industrial waste that has been shredded, cleaned, opened and re-spun into premium upcycled cotton textile.