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No Tox Life

After discovering that "natural" shampoo ingredients were actually full of harsh, drying detergents that were causing her scalp issues, Sandee Ferman started experimenting with making soap and other bath and body products, doing hundreds of hours of testing and learning. It was then that the idea of No Tox Life was born in 2013 - helping people switch to a truly non-toxic lifestyle.

In addition to being a certified woman-owned small business, No Tox Life is also a family business. Sandee’s daughter Callie Milford joined in helping make the products and began selling them at their local farmers markets where they live in Los Angeles, California. What started as a mother-daughter team making products in their home kitchen has now turned into a growing operation with staff. As they grow, No Tox Life continues to focus their business on creating good, effective, low waste products at a reasonable price.