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Satomi Studio

Founder Kristina Kada started Satomi Studio in Santa Cruz, California where she designed and handmade all of her jewelry pieces in her coastal cliffs studio for over 20 years. However, a few years ago, she and her family decided to make the move to Bali, Indonesia when her daughter was finishing her high school education at a international sustainable school there.

After arriving, Kristina started looking to partner up with local artisans to try and help grow her jewelry business. She met a woman who ran a small workshop and had been working with the same employees and their families for over 20 years who are provided a safe working environment, a living wage, insurance, paid vacations and free lunch daily.

While the location and production team has changed, Satomi Studio's designs continue to reflect the same high quality, modern and organic pieces that she's always made. Kristina pairs centuries-old Japanese tradition with modern designs in brass, sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold. Starting with a pencil sketch, she translates her ideas into metal using classic fabrication techniques like soldering, piercing, forging and wax carving to meld freehand elements with her original castings. She makes it a priority to use reclaimed metal and source responsibly mined gemstones whenever possible.

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