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Founder Robert Jungmann created Jungmaven in the early 90's from his passion to put a stop to clear-cutting practices that devastate the planet– and knew growing hemp offered a solution to this, as well as to many other environmental issues. In the brand's belief that fashion is a form of activism, Jungmaven makes beautiful, high quality hemp clothing to create a medium through which we can demand change with our dollars and express what kind of future we want to live in.

Made in Los Angeles, California, Jungmaven evokes an easy, cool California feel that believes that fashion can co-exist with a healthier earth. They use materials grown responsibly in the USA, China, and Europe, making sure that all workers are paid fair wages and operate under ethical working conditions. All clothing is cut and made by hand, ensuring that their attention to detail is consistent across styles and seasons.

Being 'Jung' means making a conscious, daily choice to heal the planet with your actions. Jungmaven is quality clothing you can feel good about!

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