Fresno Chili Jam


  • INNA
    This is the red sibling to INNA's green jalapeño jam. It's similar to the jalapeño jam in terms of heat, but has a fruitier, more rounded flavor.
    Use this jam as you would the jalapeño jam - with cheeses and meats. Our current favorite way to eat it is in a sandwich with roasted kabocha squash and sharp cheddar cheese. You could also use both the red fresno chili jam and the green jalapeño jam to create a red-and-green jam appetizer for holiday parties.
    [heat level = hot]

    Made in Emeryville, California, USA.

  • Size: net weight 10 oz

    Ingredients: organic unrefined cane sugar, organic fresno chilies (grown in San Juan Bautista, California), organic apple cider vinegar, fruit pectin

Category: Food, USA

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