Jalapeño Jam


  • INNA
    Plenty Spicy Jalapeño is INNA’s signature jam. It’s spicier than other pepper jellies because they use the entire pepper, seeds and all! This results in a spicy-sweet and completely addictive jam with distinct jalapeño flavors.
    This jam makes a fabulous appetizer paired with crackers and cream cheese (or any cheese, really). For a fancy party assemble each individual cracker and serve as hors d'oeuvres. For a more casual party simply pour the jalapeño jam over a block of cream cheese with the crackers on the side, and let your guests serve themselves (and decide how spicy they want it).
    This jalapeño jam also makes a great glaze for pork, and can kick up flavors for marinades, dressings, or even a grilled cheese sandwich!
    [heat level = hot]

    Made in Emeryville, California, USA.

  • Size: net weight 10 oz

    Ingredients: organic unrefined cane sugar, organic jalapeños (grown in Fresno, California), organic apple cider vinegar, fruit pectin

Category: Food, USA

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